MQi Slurry Analyser

How it works

The MQi Slurry Analyser is used for an in-line measurement of Slurry Stream composition. This solution combines 3 principles that enable industries to make informed decisions fast. Which means you can optimise your product grade and recovery in real time.



Mineral grade, elemental grade, particle size and other parameters are measured in-line and in real-time.

The technology used is inherently safe and based on diffused reflective spectroscopy combined with proprietary chemometric techniques.

MQi Slurry Analysers are suitable for installation in any plant environment and in process lines of any diameter.



With exceptional availability, a MQi Slurry Analyser avails data reliably at 15-second intervals.

The fast data enables stabilisation through process control.

The automatic manipulation of air addition, pulp levels and reagents are suggested for the control of grade and recovery in typical flotation circuits.

The control can be adapted to any process equipment that allows for continuous control changes.



With the availability of real-time data, the effect of process changes can be tracked without having to do full plant surveys.

The MQi Slurry Analyser can be used together with a mass flow indication to optimise recovery.

The product grade can be optimised and the impurity content minimised to eliminate penalties.

Did you know?

Blue Cube Systems’ proven product reliability and solid international support services, enable our clients to make informed decisions quickly. The result is optimised mineral beneficiation processes.