Real-time information. Real solutions.

We are a technology company focused on in-line instrumentation for the minerals processing industry. Our solutions and support enable industries to make informed decisions in real time, optimising mineral beneficiation processes.

What we do

We design, manufacture, distribute and support a range of analysers for the real-time measurement of composition in dry, high temperature, solution and slurry process streams. We offer much more than measurement equipment, we offer systems and support solutions to your problems.

Mineral “Fingerprinting” Technology

Our robust field proven in-line optical spectroscopy systems all combine with machine learning, remote monitoring and advanced mathematical modelling. Producing industry-leading measurement techniques that enable real-time process control information.

Mineral Beneficiation Products and Services

Our products and services are focused on mineral beneficiation and include solutions for froth flotation (slurries), leaching (hydromet) and mineral sands, amongst other. We back up our products with Service Level agreements which include remote monitoring, preventative maintenance and remote calibration.

Applications and Parameters Measured

We have measurement experience in platinum, gold, nickel, copper, heavy minerals, chrome, iron, phosphate, manganese and other industries. We’ve measured a diverse range of parameters such as PGM, chrome, % solids, total Cu, acid-soluble Cu, total sulphur, sulphides and several others.

Our Product Range

All our products are designed and built to handle the harsh conditions of a mineral separation plant. The output is updated at 15-second intervals and can follow the process trends closely, allowing effective process control.


MQi Slurry

This analyser is used for an in-line measurement of slurry stream composition.

MQi Dry

This analyser is used for the in-line measurement of dry free flowing streams with grain sizes below 2mm.

MQi Hydromet

This analyser is used for an at-line measurement of the composition of solutions.

MQi High Temperature

This new analyser is used for the in-line measurement of high temperature calcination processes.