MQi Dry Analyser

How it works

The MQi Dry Analyser is used for the in-line measurement of dry free flowing streams with grain sizes below 2mm. The analyser was specifically developed for the mineral sands industry, however it can be adapted to other suitable applications. This solution combines 3 principles that enable industries to make informed decisions fast. Which means you can optimise your product grade in real time.



The scanner head is designed to receive a free-flowing ore stream vertically downwards. 

Mineral grade, elemental grade and particle size are measured in-line and in real-time.

The technology used is inherently safe and based on diffused reflective spectroscopy combined with proprietary chemometric techniques.

MQi Dry Analysers are suitable for installation in any plant environment and in process lines of any diameter.



Data made available by an installed MQi Dry Analyser  on a high tension roll (HTR) separator is an example of real-time control in the mineral sands industry.

Through the manipulation of the corona wire high voltage settings, it is possible to control the product grade in real-time.



With the availability of the real-time data, it is possible to track the effect of process changes on the grade without full plant surveys.

Product grade can be optimised and impurities minimised. All in real-time.

Did you know?

The Blue Cube System MQi technology continuously learns with the available data and machine learning capabilities.