MQi Hydromet Analyser

How it works

The MQi Hydromet Analyser is used for an at-line measurement of the composition of solutions. This product combines 3 principles that enable industries to make informed decisions fast. Which means you can optimise your product grade in real time.



Ionic species in clear solutions are measured in-line and in real-time. 

The technology is inherently safe and based on absorption spectroscopy combined with proprietary chemometric techniques. 

MQi Hydromet Analysers are suitable for installation in any hydromet plant environment, provided the feed to the MQi is able to be filtered to be free of suspended solids, if required.



Closed loop control that can prevent overdosing of expensive additives during the purification process, is only one of the many possible applications.

Product grade can be optimised and impurities minimised. All in real time.

Did you know?

The data gained from the MQi technology means action can be taken quickly (preferably in real time) by industries to respond to process changes.