Noteworthy: Hydromet Impurites Measured at ppm Levels

Impurities Measured at ppm Levels in Hydromet Solution for Process


Blue Cube Systems is currently testing the MQi Hydromet Analyser for measurements of iron and aluminium impurities in solution on a nickel-cobalt processing pilot plant. The measuring point (on the PN discharge) is after the initial removal of the iron and aluminium imputes after leaching. The solution is extracted by means of filtering from the slurry with the Blue Cube Systems MQi Hydromet analyser providing real-time measurements for the nickel, cobalt, iron and aluminium. The measurements are required for process optimisation with the focus on the total of iron and aluminium concentration needing to be < 100 ppm. After the initial calibration model was loaded the measurements are looking positive. Results and more information on the on-line, real-time measurements of this application as well as our other hydromet applications are available on request. Please contact us on +27 21 880 1036 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.